Fixed Fee Retainer Plans

The following plans illustrate my retainer preferences that have been formulated after 35 years of private practice experience in New York City.  

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Unlimited monthly (CORPORATE)

Ideal for early to mid-stage startups or growing companies with no in-house legal capabilities or senior business advisors.  Included in this fee are all legal, business, and financial services not being properly handled inside the Company's current environment.

All legal, financial and business services performed in a collaborative environment and are protected by both the attorney-client privilege and confidentiality agreements.

Monthly fee:  $10,000.

3 Month fee, payable in advance $25,000.


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fixed fee fixed assignment example: 506(c) Funding

I recently represented a client who raised over $7,000,000 from almost 200 accredited investors pursuant to  Rule 506(c) of the Securities and Exchange Commission.  In addition to the execution of stock purchase agreements, these investors executed advisor agreements and in some cases revenue sharing agreements.  An extensive amount of legal, business and financial advice was rendered to the Company in connection with the 506(c) funding.

Monthly fee: $10,000

Commitment: 12 months, terminable at will




For details of this case, they are featured on my home page, HERE.  This litigation lasted almost 2 years, on three different continents, and in two federal courts in the United States.  After a few months of initial litigation battles, I was able to offer the client a flat monthly litigation fee of $20,000.  If the client had retained any reputable counsel from Harvard Law School or otherwise, hourly fees would easily have exceeded $50,000.